Commit 89adf1d8 authored by Peter van der meulen's avatar Peter van der meulen

Remove comments

parent 67af728e
......@@ -105,14 +105,13 @@ defmodule SnugglesApp.Accounts do
{:ok, eve_user} = EveUser.fetch_full(user.character_id)
{:ok, updated_user } = update_user(user, eve_user)
Discord.manage_alliance_permissions(updated_user.discord_id, user.access, updated_user.access)
IO.puts "#{user.corp_id}, #{updated_user.corp_id}"
manage_corp_discord_permissions(updated_user, user.corp_id, updated_user.corp_id)
{:ok, updated_user}
def manage_corp_discord_permissions(_, unchanged, unchanged), do: IO.inspect({:ok, "unchanged"})
def manage_corp_discord_permissions(_, nil, _), do: IO.inspect({:ok, "new member"})
def manage_corp_discord_permissions(_, unchanged, unchanged), do: {:ok, "unchanged"}
def manage_corp_discord_permissions(_, nil, _), do: {:ok, "new member"}
def manage_corp_discord_persmissions(user, old_corp_id, _) do
case Repo.get_by(Corporation, eve_corp_id: old_corp_id) do
......@@ -32,10 +32,12 @@ Here are some easy steps to get started:
- The auth role needs access to read the public channel
The auth role can manage the role below it, not avove. Sort them like:
The auth role can manage the role below it, not above. Sort them like: ``
While in this screen edit your normal member role to allow \"anyone to mention this role\"
2. Invite snuggles-auth to your server using this link and give it the auth role:{Application.get_env(:snuggles_app, :discord_snuggles_id)}&scope=bot
`{Application.get_env(:snuggles_app, :discord_snuggles_id)}&scope=bot`
3. Send a message in your public channel like this:
......@@ -20,6 +20,6 @@ defmodule SnugglesApp.Discord.Roles do
def add_custom_to_user(user_id, guild_id, role_id) do
IO.inspect Nostrum.Api.add_guild_member_role(guild_id, user_id, role_id)
Nostrum.Api.add_guild_member_role(guild_id, user_id, role_id)
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ defmodule SnugglesApp.Discord.User do
def set_name(user, guild_id) do
IO.inspect Nostrum.Api.modify_member(
%{nick: "[#{user.corp_ticker}] #{user.character_name}"}
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