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    Add shell completions and manpage · f298ebb2
    Christian Duerr authored
    * Add manpage
    Adds a basic manpage that was autogenerated with `help2man` and then
    slightly adjusted with information from the README.md and better
    * Add zsh completions
    Add completions for the zsh shell. These should be complete and even
    allow completion of the command inside `--command` and `-e`.
    * Add bash completions
    The bash completions are almost on the same level as the zsh
    completions. The only little thing the bash completions do not do is
    complete inside of `--command` and `-e`, instead bash just stops
    completion after these options.
    * Update readme with manpage and completions
    Added the install instructions for the manpage and completions to the
    Also tweaked the current readme a slight bit because the build section
    was structured in a slightly confusing way.
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