Commit 23601fbe authored by Árni Dagur's avatar Árni Dagur Committed by Christian Duerr

Remove "Why doesn't it support scrollback?" from FAQ

Since scrollback is implemented on the scrollback branch,
this section in the FAQ is redundant.
parent 5d2faf43
......@@ -385,12 +385,6 @@ Just Works.
It sounds like you deleted some key bindings from your config file. Please
reference the default config file to restore them.
- **_Why doesn't it support scrollback?_**
Alacritty's original purpose was to provide a better experience when using
[tmux] which already handled scrollback. The scope of this project has since
expanded, and [scrollback will eventually be added](
## IRC
Alacritty discussion can be found in `#alacritty` on freenode.
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