Commit 94b9345a authored by Niklas Claesson's avatar Niklas Claesson Committed by Joe Wilm

Implement CNL and CPL escape codes (#1590)

parent 2ef376bb
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
- Add support for changing the colors from 16 to 256 in the `indexed_colors` config section
- Add `save_to_clipboard` configuration option for copying selected text to the system clipboard
- New terminfo entry, `alacritty-direct`, that advertises 24-bit color support
- Add support for CSI sequences Cursor Next Line (`\e[nE`) and Cursor Previous Line (`\e[nF`)
### Changed
......@@ -1467,12 +1467,16 @@ impl ansi::Handler for Term {
fn move_down_and_cr(&mut self, lines: Line) {
trace!("[unimplemented] move_down_and_cr: {}", lines);
trace!("move_down_and_cr: {}", lines);
let move_to = self.cursor.point.line + lines;
self.goto(move_to, Column(0))
fn move_up_and_cr(&mut self, lines: Line) {
trace!("[unimplemented] move_up_and_cr: {}", lines);
trace!("move_up_and_cr: {}", lines);
let move_to = Line(self.cursor.point.line.0.saturating_sub(lines.0));
self.goto(move_to, Column(0))
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