Unverified Commit e01317d8 authored by Christian Duerr's avatar Christian Duerr Committed by GitHub

Fix failing test with `bench` feature

Using the `bench` feature, `cargo test` was failing since one of the
benchmarks was running into a debug assertion for attempting to access a
line with an index beyond the grid length.

Since this issue was caused by the `len` property not being serialized
and deserialized, the `#[serde(skip)]` attribute has been changed to
`#[serde(default)]`. The ref-test has been edited to include the correct
grid length for proper deserialization.

This fixes #1604.
parent 1887722e
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ pub struct Storage<T> {
/// having to truncate the raw `inner` buffer.
/// As long as `len` is bigger than `inner`, it is also possible to grow the scrollback buffer
/// without any additional insertions.
len: usize,
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