1. 02 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  2. 23 Sep, 2018 3 commits
  3. 22 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Unify configuration file structure · cee35b30
      Christian Duerr authored
      This changes a lot of small details in the configuration file in an
      attempt to unify its structure. These are some main guidelines used for
      this refactoring:
          - Specify that changes require restart consistently
          - Unify the specification of available field values
          - Provide clear distinction between description title and body
      Besides these guidelines used to unify minor details in the
      configuration file, the section on key configuration has been completely
      reworked in an attempt to reduce the amount of text used. This should
      make it possible to understand what's going on without having to read
      any text.
      The notice that modifiers are not supported has been removed from the
      mouse binding documentation.
  4. 20 Sep, 2018 9 commits
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Fix config error with missing decorations field · 6cfd7aea
      Christian Duerr authored
      The latest change to window decorations
      (3b46859e) introduced a regression when
      running Alacritty without the `decorations` field specified in the
      configuration file. Since serde wasn't setup to fallback to the default,
      the complete config deserialization would fail.
      This resolves this issue by deserializing it to the default decorations
      value "Full". To make this setting a little more forgiving, this also
      introduces another change which ignores the case for the configuration
      options. So both `full` and `FuLl` are now accepted.
    • Joe Wilm's avatar
      Fix CHANGELOG.md · 34ba485f
      Joe Wilm authored
      The bracketed paste mode change isn't so much a fix as it is a change to
      address a potential security issue.
    • Joe Moon's avatar
      Improve window.decorations options: (#1241) · 3b46859e
      Joe Moon authored
      The decorations config was changed from a bool to an enum.
      `full` has taken the place of `true`, and `none`, has replaced `false`.
      On macOS, there are now options for `transparent` and `buttonless`.
      These options are explained in both the CHANGELOG and in the
      configuration files.
    • Joe Wilm's avatar
      Update CHANGELOG for #1243 · 641f3291
      Joe Wilm authored
    • Aidan Epstein's avatar
      Fix Bracketed Paste Mode when input contains end sequence. (#1243) · 417ad9d4
      Aidan Epstein authored
      * Fix Bracketed Paste Mode when input contains end sequence.
      * Remove \x1b instead of just the paste end sequence.
    • Joe Wilm's avatar
      Merge pull request #1573 from ChrisMacNaughton/patch-1 · 177a5c39
      Joe Wilm authored
      Update snapcraft.yaml
    • Chris MacNaughton's avatar
      Update snapcraft.yaml · 6e985939
      Chris MacNaughton authored
      The existing snapcraft.yaml is pointing to a file that has been renamed,
      subsequently breaking the snap build. This change renames the .desktop
      file to match what is in-tree.
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Add changelog entry for 32-bit fix · ef06109d
      Christian Duerr authored
    • Johannes's avatar
      Fix build failure on 32-bit machines · a769e80e
      Johannes authored
      Alacritty has some checks in place to make sure that unsafe
      code would not fail because of invalid struct sizes. This managed
      to successfully catch an incorrect unsafe block on 32-bit machines.
      To make sure this block works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems,
      it has been altered to make use of the platform-dependent `usize`
      type. This will always make use of correct sizes without having to
      rely on conditional compilation.
  5. 19 Sep, 2018 3 commits
    • Jeff Muizelaar's avatar
      Update core-* dependencies · 26c4043a
      Jeff Muizelaar authored
      The core-* dependencies have been updated and every breaking
      change has been resolved.
      These are the main changes which required adaption:
      - font_path() returns a PathBuf now
      - get_descriptors() returns an Option<CFArray>
      - get_advances_for_glyphs and get_glyphs_for_characters are now unsafe.
      All packages which did not have breaking updates have also been updated.
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Show hollow cursor for windows starting unfocused · bd6e5a99
      Christian Duerr authored
      Alacritty made the assumption that every window started as focused and
      because of that the hollow cursor wouldn't show up for windows which are
      launched without focus.
      Since even the initial focus should be reported as a focus event by
      winit, this could be easily fixed just setting the default window state
      to unfocused instead of focused.
      This fixes #1563.
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Add hidden escape sequence · d387ebe1
      Christian Duerr authored
      This adds support for the `hidden` escape sequence `\e[8m`, which will
      render the text as invisible.
      This has also raised a few questions about the rendering of foreground
      and background colors and their interaction with the different escape
      sequences. Previously, Alacritty has oriented itself after URxvt, which
      has some strange and unexpected behavior.
      The new implementation of color inversion is modeled after XTerm, which
      has a consistent pattern of always inverting the foreground and
      background colors. This should hopefully lead to less confusion for the
      user and a more consistent behavior.
      A full matrix showcasing the new way Alacritty inverses text can be
      found here:
      This fixes #1454 and fixes #1455.
  6. 18 Sep, 2018 3 commits
    • Philipp's avatar
      Opt-in to macOS Mojave Dark Mode · f0ce64e2
      Philipp authored
      macOS 10.14 will bring a new system wide dark mode. To enable this, the
      [official guides][] suggest to relink using the newest OS. This
      approach, however, did not work for me as described in [an issue][] in
      the glutin repository.
      As a second option, the accompanying `Info.plist` file can also
      overwrite the link-time check and enable dark mode rendering if the
      system config is set by setting `NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance` to
      `YES`. This approach seems to work flawlessly no matter if a user opts
      into dark mode or not.
      I would appreciate it if someone can test this on macOS 10.13 as well,
      but I suppose the key there is unused and would not break anything.
      [official guides]: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/appkit_release_notes_for_macos_10.14_beta
      [an issue]: https://github.com/tomaka/glutin/issues/1053#issuecomment-409315461
    • Daniel Eklöf's avatar
      Mention required terminfo update when changing tabspaces · 05d40a8a
      Daniel Eklöf authored
      Changing tabspaces from the default (8) requires a corresponding
      update to the `it` item in the terminfo entry used.
      Some applications, like Emacs, rely on knowing the width of a tab, and
      will experience unexpected behavior if the terminfo data does not
      match the actual width used.
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Set upper limit for scrollback history size · 00bd0987
      Christian Duerr authored
      Since the scrollback history allocates all lines in memory, it is
      possible to specify a scrollback history which is big enough to freeze
      the computer due to OOM.
      To resolve this issue, an upper limit of `100_000` has been set for the
      scrollback history. Even though this might still cause some systems to
      freeze, this should provide a good balance for most users.
  7. 17 Sep, 2018 13 commits
    • Matthias Krüger's avatar
      Fix style issues · 63a40df5
      Matthias Krüger authored
    • VoidNoire's avatar
    • Nathan West's avatar
      Fix fish completion name in deb installer · a10403b7
      Nathan West authored
    • Alexander Schlarb's avatar
      Give zsh completion file the correct name when installing with `cargo deb --install` · e2c1e56b
      Alexander Schlarb authored
      The zsh completion name for the deb installer has been corrected.
      The installation instructions for the zsh completions have also been
      updated to make it possible to install them without root permissios.
    • David Peter's avatar
      Set COLORTERM variable to advertise 24-bit support · 35ea0cde
      David Peter authored
      Set `COLORTERM` to `truecolor` in order for applications to be able to
      detect that alacritty supports 24-bit colors.
      See https://gist.github.com/XVilka/8346728 for more details.
      Closes #1526.
    • nolanl's avatar
      Acknowledge first click on unfocused windows with bsd/linux · 7a8a002d
      nolanl authored
      Fixes a regression on non-macOS platforms caused by the fix for
      issue #1291. The fix is to follow platform norms for mouse click
      behavior on unfocused terminals. On macOS, the first click (that
      gives the window focus) is swallowed, and has no effect on the
      terminal. On all other platforms, the first click is passed through
      to the terminal.
    • Christian Rebischke's avatar
      Add mention of official arch linux package · 1f243468
      Christian Rebischke authored
      Since Alacritty does not require the AUR anymore, its mention has been
      removed from the README.
      To make future changes simpler, the README has also been reworded so
      less changes are required for adding new operating systems.
    • Matt Keeler's avatar
      Fix clippy lint in new unit test · 6d0a820c
      Matt Keeler authored
    • Matt Keeler's avatar
    • Joe Wilm's avatar
      Add latest blog post to README · 8b71eede
      Joe Wilm authored
    • Joe Wilm's avatar
      Merge pull request #1147 from jwilm/scrollback · cff58e9d
      Joe Wilm authored
    • Joe Wilm's avatar
      Bump version in CHANGELOG · 054e38e9
      Joe Wilm authored
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Bump version number to 0.2.0 (#1492) · ca1b75b4
      Christian Duerr authored
      * Change deb installation from crates.io to git
      There have been a number of issues an PRs opened since
      the cargo-deb installation does not work with the latest
      version from crates.io.
      To help out users until the crates.io version is updated,
      the installation instructions have been temporarily
      changed to install `cargo-deb` through github.
      * Revert cargo-deb install back to use crates.io
      Since `cargo-deb` has been updated on crates.io it is now
      possible to just install it from crates.io and build Alacritty's
      deb without having to rely on github.
      * Update dependencies
      This fixes an `illegal hardware instruction (core dumped)`
      error when building in release mode.
      * Remove redundant copy when selecting font_key
      * Bump version number to 0.2.0
      Since the Scrollback branch introduces some major changes, this bumps
      the version number from 0.1.0 to 0.2.0.
      The versions of Alacritty have not been updated regularly to this point,
      so the scrollback branch is a good point in time to start updating
      Alacritty's version on a regular basis.
      Further changes to the readme, like dropping the 'alpha' status and
      updating it to 'beta' could also be introduced with this branch. This
      way there will be a clean cut which updates everything as soon as
      scrollback is merged.
      Building versions is another thing which would be a good thing to start
      reasonably quickly. However starting this on the main branch after
      scrollback has been merged seems like a more reliable way to move
      This fixes #1240.
      * Add a CHANGELOG file
      A CHANGELOG file has been added to offer a bit more transparency over
      which features have been changed, added and potentially removed in
      There are various formats available for the CHANGELOG file but the most
      common and sensible one seems to be the one defined by
      https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0. Following the template proposed by
      this it should be possible to create a clear CHANGELOG which makes it
      simple for new contributors to figure out exactly which formatting
      should be used for it.
      Since there have been quite a few changes to Alacritty already, not all
      changes have been added to the changelog. However a few entries have
      been ported just to give a bit of an example what the format should look
      like. This also helps with the 0.2.0 version since it will not be
      completely empty in the changelog.
      This fixes #1534.
      * Update CHANGELOG
      This updates the CHANGELOG to include the changes introduced by
  8. 05 Sep, 2018 2 commits
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Fix substraction underflow with IL sequence · 43882ade
      Christian Duerr authored
      The IL escape sequence (CSI Ps L) allows inserting blank, uninitialized
      lines. `Ps` is a placeholder for the number of lines that should be
      inserted. Before this change Alacritty would crash when a large number
      of lines was passed as `Ps` parameter.
      The issue was caused whenever the current line of the cursor plus the
      lines that should be inserted would leave the bottom of the terminal,
      since this makes indexing impossible.
      This patch makes sure that the biggest amount of lines inserted does
      never exceed the end of the visible region minus the current line of the
      curser, which fixes the underflow issue.
      This fixes #1515.
    • Lucas Timmins's avatar
  9. 02 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Nathan Lilienthal's avatar
      Implement `ansi::ClearMode::Saved` · 72495172
      Nathan Lilienthal authored
      The clearing the screen for the `ansi::ClearMode::Saved` enum value
      has been implemented. This is used to clear all lines which are
      currently outside of the visible region but still inside the scrollback
      The specifications of XTerm indicate that the clearing of saved lines
      should only clear the saved lines and not the saved lines plus the
      currently visible part of the grid. Applications like `clear` send both
      the escape for clearing history plus the escape for clearing history
      when requested, so all sources seem to agree here.
      To allow both clearing the screen and the saved lines when a key is
      pressed the `process_key_bindings` method has been altered so multiple
      bindings can be specified. So it is now possible to execute both `^L`
      and `ClearHistory` with just a single binding. The
      `process_mouse_bindings` method has also been changed for consistency.
      To make sure everything works properly a test has been added which
      clears the history and then attempts to scroll. Since scrolling is the
      only way for a user to check if scrollback is available, this seems like
      a nice abstraction to check if there is a scrollback.
  10. 19 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  11. 16 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  12. 15 Aug, 2018 1 commit
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Scroll visible area when growing window · 8e8ecdd0
      Christian Duerr authored
      Since Alacritty never had any scrollback history, the behavior when the
      window height was increased was to just keep the prompt on the same line
      it has been before the resize. However the usual behavior of terminal
      emulators is to keep the distance from the prompt to the bottom of the
      screen consistent whenever possible.
      This fixes this behavior by loading lines from the scrollback buffer
      when the window height is increased. This is only done when scrollback
      is available, so there are only N lines available, the maximum amount of
      lines which will be loaded when growing the height is N. Since the
      number of lines available in the alternate screen buffer is 0, it still
      behaves the same way it did before this patch.
      Different terminal emulators have different behaviors when this is done
      in the alt screen buffer, XTerm for example loads history from the
      normal screen buffer when growing the height of the window from the
      alternate screen buffer. Since this seems wrong (the alt screen is not
      supposed to have any scrollback), the behavior of Termite (VTE) has been
      chosen instead.
      In Termite the alt screen buffer never loads any scrollback history
      itself, however when the terminal height is grown while the alternate
      screen is active, the normal screen's scrollback history lines are
      This fixes #1502.
  13. 10 Aug, 2018 1 commit
    • Christian Duerr's avatar
      Fix formatting and resize conversion comment · 4dc3c3c5
      Christian Duerr authored
      Some minor formating issues were still present in the current state of
      the PR, these should all be resolved with this.
      The comment about converting between logical and physical sizes was also
      still present in the `src/display.rs` even though the conversion itself
      has been moved to the `src/event.rs` file. To fix this the comment has
      also been moved to the `src/event.rs` file.