1. 28 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      Merge master into scrollback · c4a0f9c4
      Christian Duerr authored
      * Allow disabling DPI scaling
      This makes it possible to disable DPI scaling completely, instead the
      the display pixel ration will always be fixed to 1.0.
      By default nothing has changed and DPI is still enabled, this just seems
      like a better way than running `WINIT_HIDPI_FACTOR=1.0 alacritty` every
      time the user wants to start alacritty.
      It would be possible to allow specifying any DPR, however I've decided
      against this since I'd assume it's a very rare usecase. It's also still
      possible to make use of `WINIT_HIDPI_FACTOR` to do this on X11.
      Currently this is not updated at runtime using the live config update,
      there is not really much of a technical limitation why this woudn't be
      possible, however a solution for that issue should be first added in
      jwilm/alacritty#1346, once a system is established for changing DPI at
      runtime, porting that functionality to this PR should be simple.
      * Add working --class and --title CLI parameters
      * Reduce Increase-/DecreaseFontSize step to 0.5
      Until now the Increase-/DecreaseFontSize keybinds hand a step size of 1.0. Since the font size however is multiplied by two to allow more granular font size control, this lead to the bindings skipping one font size (incrementing/decrementing by +-2).
      To fix this the step size of the Increase-/DecreaseFontSize bindings has been reduced to the minimum step size that exists with the current font configuration (0.5). This should allow users to increment and decrement the font size by a single point instead of two.
      This also adds a few tests to make sure the methods for increasing/decreasing/resetting font size work properly.
      * Add Copy/Cut/Paste keys
      This just adds support for the Copy/Cut/Paste keys and sets up
      Copy/Paste as alternative defaults for Ctrl+Shift+C/V.
      * Move to cargo clippy
      Using clippy as a library has been deprecated, instead the `cargo
      clippy` command should be used instead. To comply with this change
      clippy has been removed from the `Cargo.toml` and is now installed with
      cargo when building in CI.
      This has also lead to a few new clippy issues to show up, this includes
      everything in the `font` subdirectory. This has been fixed and `font`
      should now be covered by clippy CI too.
      This also upgrades all dependencies, as a result this fixes #1341 and
      this fixes #1344.
      * Override dynamic_title when --title is specified
      * Change green implementation to use the macro
      * Ignore mouse input if window is unfocused
      * Make compilation of binary a phony target
      * Add opensuse zypper install method to readme
      * Fix clippy issues
      * Update manpage to document all CLI options
      The introduction of `--class` has added a flag to the CLI without adding
      it to the manpage. This has been fixed by updating the manpage.
      This also adds the default values of `--class` and `--title` to the CLI
      * Remove unnecessary clippy lint annotations
      We moved to "cargo clippy" in 5ba34d4f and
      removing the clippy lint annotations in `src/lib.rs` does not cause any additional warnings.
      This also changes `cargo clippy` to use the flags required for checking integration tests.
      * Enable clippy in font/copypasta crates
      Enabled clippy in the sub-crates font and copypasta. All issues
      that were discovered by this change have also been fixed.
      * Remove outdated comment about NixOS
      * Replace debug asserts with static_assertions
      To check that transmutes will work correctly without having to rely on
      error-prone runtime checking, the `static_assertions` crate has been
      introduced. This allows comparing the size of types at compile time,
      preventing potentially silent breakage.
      This fixes #1417.
      * Add `cargo deb` build instructions
      Updated the `Cargo.toml` file and added a `package.metadata.deb`
      subsection to define how to build a debian "deb" install file using
      `cargo deb`. This will allow debian/ubuntu users to install `alacritty`
      using their system's package manager. It also will make it easier to
      provide pre-built binaries for those systems.
      Also fixed a stray debug line in the bash autocomplete script that was
      writting to a tempfile.
      * Add config for unfocused window cursor change
      * Add support for cursor shape escape sequence
      * Add bright foreground color option
      It was requested in jwilm/alacritty#825 that it should be possible to
      add an optional bright foreground color.
      This is now added to the primary colors structure and allows the user to
      set a foreground color for bold normal text. This has no effect unless
      the draw_bold_text_with_bright_colors option is also enabled.
      If the color is not specified, the bright foreground color will fall
      back to the normal foreground color.
      This fixes #825.
      * Fix clone URL in deb install instructions
      * Fix 'cargo-deb' desktop file name
      * Remove redundant dependency from deb build
      * Switch from deprecated `std::env::home_dir` to `dirs::home_dir`
      * Allow specifying modifiers for mouse bindings
      * Send newline with NumpadEnter
      * Add support for LCD-V pixel mode
      * Add binding action for hiding the window
      * Switch to rustup clippy component
      * Add optional dim foreground color
      Add optional color for the dim foreground (`\e[2m;`)
      Defaults to 2/3 of the foreground color. (same as other colors).
      If a bright color is dimmed, it's displayed as the normal color. The
      exception for this is when the bright foreground is dimmed when no
      bright foreground color is set. In that case it's treated as a normal
      foreground color and dimmed to DimForeground.
      To minimize the surprise for the user, the bright and dim colors have
      been completely removed from the default configuration file.
      Some documentation has also been added to make it clear to users what
      these options can be used for.
      This fixes #1448.
      * Fix clippy lints and run font tests on travis
      This fixes some existing clippy issues and runs the `font` tests through travis.
      Testing of copypasta crate was omitted due to problens when running on headless travis-ci environment (x11 clipboard would fail).
      * Ignore errors when logger can't write to output
      The (e)print macro will panic when there is no output available to
      write to, however in our scenario where we only log user errors to
      stderr, the better choice would be to ignore when writing to stdout or
      stderr is not possible.
      This changes the (e)print macro to make use of `write` and ignore
      any potential errors.
      Since (e)println rely on (e)print, this also solves potential failuers
      when calling (e)println.
      With this change implemented, all of logging, (e)println and (e)print
      should never fail even if the stdout/stderr is not available.
  2. 15 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      Add `cargo deb` build instructions · 4928b0ae
      Micha Gorelick authored
      Updated the `Cargo.toml` file and added a `package.metadata.deb`
      subsection to define how to build a debian "deb" install file using
      `cargo deb`. This will allow debian/ubuntu users to install `alacritty`
      using their system's package manager. It also will make it easier to
      provide pre-built binaries for those systems.
      Also fixed a stray debug line in the bash autocomplete script that was
      writting to a tempfile.
  3. 07 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      Add shell completions and manpage · f298ebb2
      Christian Duerr authored
      * Add manpage
      Adds a basic manpage that was autogenerated with `help2man` and then
      slightly adjusted with information from the README.md and better
      * Add zsh completions
      Add completions for the zsh shell. These should be complete and even
      allow completion of the command inside `--command` and `-e`.
      * Add bash completions
      The bash completions are almost on the same level as the zsh
      completions. The only little thing the bash completions do not do is
      complete inside of `--command` and `-e`, instead bash just stops
      completion after these options.
      * Update readme with manpage and completions
      Added the install instructions for the manpage and completions to the
      Also tweaked the current readme a slight bit because the build section
      was structured in a slightly confusing way.