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    Add hidden escape sequence · d387ebe1
    Christian Duerr authored
    This adds support for the `hidden` escape sequence `\e[8m`, which will
    render the text as invisible.
    This has also raised a few questions about the rendering of foreground
    and background colors and their interaction with the different escape
    sequences. Previously, Alacritty has oriented itself after URxvt, which
    has some strange and unexpected behavior.
    The new implementation of color inversion is modeled after XTerm, which
    has a consistent pattern of always inverting the foreground and
    background colors. This should hopefully lead to less confusion for the
    user and a more consistent behavior.
    A full matrix showcasing the new way Alacritty inverses text can be
    found here:
    This fixes #1454 and fixes #1455.
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