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### WifiWatcher
WiFi watcher does cool things as you enter or leave WiFi hotspots
### React native dev helper
Are you developing react native apps for android and using either a simulator or
physical phone? You probably noticed that having to shake the phone for a
refresh is a pain. Less annoyingly, yet present is the need to alt-tab out of
your favorite editor (Vim) to refresh the simulator.
No more!.
Pressing `placid + R` will send a "RR" key-event to the connected android
device and to refresh the app you're working on.
Pressing `hyper + R` will send a "menu-button" key-event to the connected
android and spawn the dev-menu.
To get this working, you will need to change `./init.lua` a bit.
The lua script will execute `os.execute`, the downside (and upside) of this
execute command is that it won't bother pre-loading and running your ENV files.
So you need to provide the script with the precise location of your android "adb"
executable. You can figure out where it is, by opening a terminal and executing:
`which adb`, then replace the
`/Users/peter/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb` with your path in the
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