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Hendrik Peter's Hammerspoon config
These dotfiles are the configuration of Hammerspoon for OSX.
More info and download links to the software can be found on their site
References to "hyper" mean a key-combination of `ctrl + alt + cmd`
References to "placid" mean a key-combination of `ctrl ´+ cmd`
## Features
### Window Manager
This Hammerspoon config makes use of the MiroWindowManager. A fast and rich
window-manager. The following moves are possible:
- `hyper + k`: Move the active window up
- `hyper + j`: Move the active window down
- `hyper + h`: Move the active window left
- `hyper + l`: Move the active window right
- `hyper + G`: Maximize the width and height of the active window
- `hyper + k + j`: Maximize the height of the active window
- `hyper + h + l`: Maximize the width of the active window
Combinations are possible. You can choose to move the window up with `k` and
left with `h` at the same time.
To "full-screen" a window press `hyper + Return`.
### ClipboardTool
Clipboard tool keeps track of previous records in your clipboard. Just copy
things, then hit `placid + V` to reveal the history window. Type keywords or use
the arrows on your keyboard to browse through records. Then hit Return to put
that old record back into your clipboard
### Vim
Vim navigation is love, Vim navigation is life.
Hit `cmd + escape` to leave the normal OSX insert mode and use Vim key-bindings
to navigate around. You can get back into insert mode by pressing `A`, `a`,
`I`, `i` or `c`.
### WifiWatcher
WiFi watcher does cool things as you enter or leave WiFi hotspots
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ spoon.ClipboardTool.hist_size = 100
spoon.ClipboardTool.show_in_menubar = false
toggle_clipboard = {{"ctrl", "cmd"}, "V"}
toggle_clipboard = {placid, "V"}
-- Vim all the things
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