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......@@ -58,12 +58,16 @@ fixes that. It will open the terminal if not open, or activate it when an
instance is running somewhere.
I use the "Alacritty" terminal, a rust based terminal. But you can replace
Alacritty with your own favorite terminal app.
Alacritty with your own favorite terminal app. the combo is `placid + t`
## Spotify launcher
There are 2 programs that I have open pretty much all the time: my terminal and
Spotify. My terminal already has a quick shortcut. It's only natural that my
music player would have that too. `placid + s`
### WifiWatcher
WiFi watcher does cool things as you enter or leave WiFi hotspots
### React native dev helper
Are you developing react native apps for android and using either a simulator or
physical phone? You probably noticed that having to shake the phone for a
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