Authored by Peter van der meulen

How to Tmux

So maybe you like to do your work on an external VPS, maybe (may the people around you have mercy on you) you think working over a vagrant ssh is "the shit" or maybe you are just looking for a solution that integrates better with window & session management and your need to customize things. Well then this is for you!

Say you need to open a terminal session to run a rails/phoenix server, another terminal session to execute rspec/espec and a last one to open VIM and execute generator commands. Opening 3 terminals aint that hard, but managing 3 ssh-sessions can be a pain!

Below all the configuration to get started with a basic tmux setup + some basic tips. Tmux is a multiplexer. meaning you can have multiple windows, tabs and shell sessions open while only ssh-ing once to a machine. You're basically just rocking a window manager (like your interactive session on osx, explorer on windows or gnome on linux...) but then one that is designed for CLI's!


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